The Wurst Audiobook Narrator Nominees #1

The first nomination goes to Aaron Harrison for “Don’t Fear The Reaper: The Death Chronicles - Book 1” (YA Fantasy) mostly because I want to stress that I LOVE this sample.  It made me laugh…HARD.  I had to share it with other friends and it gave me the idea for this series.  Aaron seems like a joyous person, and I have to give him points for sheer enthusiasm.  There are narrators that are truly unlistenable, but I will go on record and admit I’ve been considering a purchase.  I’ve listened to this sample ten times.  His performance might be entirely appropriate for this kind of book.  One Audible reviewer described him as “an over-enthusiastic high school drama student” One thing’s for sure…Aaron doesn’t reign it in.  He’s young. He’s busy.  He doesn’t have time to pace himself- if he holds it in for too long he might buh-buh-BURST! Sadly, this is Aaron’s only audiobook.  So purchase it, if you like what you hear.  Just keep the volume down. On to the sample!