Marty's stand-up comedy has been described as "Monty Python meets Film-Noir." His routine revolves around his love of horror movies, Metallica (t-shirts), Yogurtland, Doo Wop singers and the dark side of the human experience. He can be seen performing regularly at The Rec Room in Huntington Beach.


Here is a 17-year-old Marty Wurst predicting his future on the radio with Glen Gerard on "The Point" 101.1 FM.  (Lahaina, Hawaii 1997) 

Comedy Flyers


Marty has written and directed over a dozen short films and a full length feature film called Salivate. He drops truth bombs on Twitter @TheWurstTweet and detonates that shit on Instagram thewurstpictures

Marty is also an audiobook narrator. You can find his books here.


Podcast Appearances:

Handle It With Humor (producer)

Undercover Funny

Arts & Craft Podcast

You're Such a Sex and The City Podcast


Open Mic Reviews got a mention in the Pasadena Weekly.

This interview was done by Rob Flores at the University of Long Beach in December of 2018. I talk about how I started in stand-up comedy and some of the bad decisions I made to realize my true calling.

Below is an interview from "There's a Place" The ASMR talk show hosted by Adam Papagan. I’ve never done an interview with a hush hush library voice, kind of fun.

Marty Wurst was born in Englewood, New Jersey, grew up in Hawaii, and now resides in Long Beach, California.