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Here are some quick recommendations from the open mics I've been to. Click on the Venue for a DETAILED REVIEW:

JUST ADDED 8/19 National Orange Show Sports Center in San Bernardino

  • Burbank-North Hollywood-The Valley

MON-SUN The Haha Cafe 4712 Lankershim Blvd Sign up at 5pm. $5 for 5 minutes or $10 for 10.

MON-SUN The Fourth Wall 11674 Burbank Blvd. Sign up at 7:30pm. $5 entry. 6-10 minutes.

MON Oaks Tavern 13625 Moorpark St, Sherman Oaks. Sign up 8pm 1 item minimum. 5 minutes.

TUES Cahuenga General Store 5510 Cahuenga Blvd. Sign up 7:30pm. Lottery. $7 purchase. 7-10 minutes.

TUES The Other Door 10437 Burbank Blvd, NOHO. To get a booked spot, email killermicotherdoor@gmail.com by Monday at 5pm. Otherwise, Sign up at 8pm for lottery. 5 mins.

TUES Amsterdam Café 10905 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood. Sign up at 6pm, starts 6:30. 4-5 minutes.

TUES Paladino's 6101 Reseda Blvd, Tarzana. 2 options: Sign up at 6:30pm for 7 o' clock spot or sign up at 8:30pm for 9:30 spot. 1 item minimum. 8 minutes!

TUES Flappers Bar  Sign up at 10pm. Starts at 10:30. Lottery. 1 item minimum. 4 minutes.

WED The Oyster House Saloon 12446 Moorpark St, Studio City. Sign up for time slot by 7pm online at IanSalmon.com  5 minutes.

THURS Rock & Roll Pizza 13816 Princeton Ave. Moorpark. Sign up at 6:30pm. 5-10 minutes.

THURS Dark Horse Tavern 5507 Reseda Blvd, Tarzana. Sign up at 7:30pm. Lottery. 5 minutes.

THURS Rumi Cafe 13368 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks. Sign up 7:30pm. 4 minutes or 6 w/purchase.

THURS Serra's Dine & Dance 12449 Ventura Blvd, Studio City. Sign up 9:30pm. Mixed mic. 5-10 minutes.

FRI New York Bagel Cafe 14423 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks. Sign up 6:30pm starts@7.  5 minutes.

SAT Flappers Yoo Hoo Room 102 East Magnolia Blvd. Burbank. Sign up 11pm. Lottery. 1-item minimum. 3-5 minutes.

SUN Wake and Bake 5038 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood. Sign up at 9pm starts around 10:30 after booked show. 5 minutes.


  • Culver City-Westwood

FRI Fanatic Salon 3815 Sawtelle Blvd, Culver City. Sign up 9:30pm. $5 entry. Lottery. 4-5 minutes. (non-feedback mic)


  • Hollywood-Los Angeles-Downtown

MON-SUN  Marty's 7351 Sunset Blvd (entrance on Martel)  5-11pm.  SAT-SUN 7-11pm. $5 entry.  10-20 minutes.

MON Nerdmelt Showroom 7522 W Sunset Blvd. Sign up 5pm. 3 minutes. 

MON The Comedy Store Potluck Sign up at 6pm, list posted around 6:45. 3 minutes

MON Pig & Whistle 6714 Hollywood Blvd. Sign up 6:15pm, starts@6:30. $5, but counts for next visit too. 5 minutes.

MON The Black Bicycle Cafe 1051 Havenhurst Dr, West Hollywood. Starts at 7pm. Rolling Lottery. 1 item minimum. 4-5 minutes.

MON Au Lac 710 West 1st St. Los Angeles. Sign up at 7-7:30pm. Starts at 8:30. Mixed mic. 3-4 minutes.

MON Big Wangs 1562 N Cahuenga, Hollywood. Sign up at 10pm, starts at 11. 1 item min. 5 minutes.

MON The Pack Theater 6470 Santa Monica Blvd. Sign up at 10:30pm 5-6 mins.

TUES Kibitz Room at Canters 419 N Fairfax Ave. Sign up at 5:30pm Lottery. 3 mins w/out purchase. 5 minutes with.

TUES Meea's Hot Dogs 1734 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock. Sign up 5:30pm, starts@6.  5 minutes.

TUES The Int'l Java CO. 3186 W 8th St, Los Angeles. Sign up at 6:30pm 5 min or 7 w/purchase.

TUES The Living Room 2636 Crenshaw Blvd. Starts at 7pm.  5 minutes.

TUES Scientology Celebrity Centre 5930 Franklin Ave, LA (1st TUES of every month) Sign up at 7pm. 5 minutes.

TUES Solar de Cahuenga 1847 N Cahuenga Blvd. Sign up at 7:30pm 1 tem minimum. 4 mins. Lottery.

WED Vinadore Cafe 8157 Santa Monica Blvd. $5 min. purchase. Sign up 5pm. 6 minutes.

WED Book Show 5503 N Figueroa St, LA. Sign up at 7pm. 5 minutes. Lottery.

WED Dave's Chillin' and Grillin' 2152 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock.  Sign up 7:15pm, starts at 7:30. $3 minimum purchase. 5 minutes.

WED Bruddah's Bar and Grill 1430 W Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena. Sign up 7:30pm. Mixed Mic. 8-10 minutes.

WED Copper Still Bar "Challenge Mic" 4485 Beverly Blvd. Sign up 7:45pm. 5 minutes.

WED The Clown House 334 W. Pico Blvd, Downtown LA. Starts at 8pm. $5 entry. 7 minutes.

WED Dromebox Labs 2312 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles. Join dromebox open mic on Facebook and sign up online. Every other WED. Starts at 9pm.  6 minutes.

WED Hooters 6922 Hollywood Blvd. Sign up 9:30pm. Lottery. 3 minutes.

WED Mel's Drive-In 1660 Highland Ave. Sign up 9:30pm. 7 minutes w/purchase, 3 without.

WED Karma Lounge  3954 Beverly Blvd. Sign up at 8:30pm 5 mins.

THURS Open Space Café 457 N. Fairfax Ave. Sign up at 4:30pm. Starts at 5. 1 item minimum. 3-4 minutes.

THURS Edendale Branch Library 2011 Sunset Blvd.  Sign up at 5:30pm, starts at 6.  3-4 minutes.

THURS The Smog Cutter 864 N Virgil Ave, LA. Sign up 6:15pm starts@ 6:30. Lottery. 1 item minimum. 3-5 mins. CASH ONLY!

THURS Simply D'Licious 4641 W Washington Blvd. Mid-City Sign up 7pm.  5-10 minutes.

THURS Rivalry Bar and Grill 6311 Wilshire Blvd. Sign up 7pm. 3-4 minutes.

THURS Pizza Beer & Wings "The Spot" 2321 E. 1st St, Los Angeles. Sign up at 7:30pm 10 minutes.

LAST THURS of every month. Angel City Brewery 216 Alameda St Downtown LA. Sign up 7:55pm. Starts at 8. Mixed mic. 5 minutes.

THURS The Pikey (check on Comedy Bureau) 7617 Sunset Blvd. Sign up 8:45pm. Lottery. 1-item minimum.

THURS The Hollywood Hotel 1160 N Vermont Ave Los Angeles. Sign up online here or in person at 9:30pm. 1-drink minimum. 5 minutes.

FRI Toasted and Roasted 7311 Melrose Ave LA. Starts at 5pm. Lottery.  3-5 minutes.

FRI With Love Market Cafe  1969 S. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles. Sign up at 6pm. 1-item minimum. 7 minutes.

FRI House in Echo Park 622 N Coronado St. Sign up 8pm. Open mic follows booked show around 9:30. $5 entry. 5 minutes.

FRI Tao Comedy Studio 7466 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles. Starts at 8pm. $5, includes drink or snack. 5 minutes.

FRI The Clown House 334 W. Pico Blvd, Downtown LA. Starts at 8pm. $5 entry. 7 minutes.

FRI Sabor y Cultura 5625 Hollywood Blvd. Sign up at 8pm. Lottery. 3 minutes.

SAT Coffee+Food on Melrose Ave Sign up 2:45pm or earlier, list fills up quick! 3 minutes w/out purchase, 7 with.

SAT Karma Lounge 3954 Beverly Blvd. Sign up at 5:30pm.

SAT Rincon Oaxacueno Sign up at 8:30pm.  Starts@9.  7-8 minutes. $3 minimum purchase.

SAT Garage Behind Food 4 Less 1717 S. Western Ave.  Sign up at 10pm. Starts at 10:30.  7 minutes.

SUN The Lexington 129 E. 3rd St, LA. Sign up at 5pm, starts at 5:30. Lottery. 5 minutes.

SUN Molly Malone's 575 S. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles. Sign up at 5pm. 4 minutes.

SUN Eagle Rock Lounge 1954 Colorado Blvd, LA. Sign up at 8:45pm. Lottery. 1-item minimum.  3 minutes.

SUN The Lab at the Hollywood Improv Sign up at 9:30pm. Lottery.  3 minutes.

SUN The Belly Room at The Comedy Store.  8433 Sunset Blvd. Sign up at 9:30pm. Starts at 10:30pm. Lottery, but there's a variety of ways to get stage time.  3 minutes. 


  • Los Feliz-Silverlake-Echo Park

MON-THURS Tribal Café 1651 W. Temple St, Los Angeles. Starts at 6:30pm. $4 min. purchase.  ???minutes. There may or may not be a host.

TUES The Palace 2112 Hillhurst Ave.  Sign up 9:45pm. Lottery. 4 minutes.

THURS Lyric Hyperion Theater 2106 Hyperion Ave. Sign up at 5:30pm. 1 item minimum. 4 minutes.

THURS Hyperion Tavern 1941 Hyperion Ave. Sign up at 7pm, starts at 7:30. Lottery. 3 minutes.

THURS Silverlake Lounge 2906 W. Sunset Blvd. Sign up 11:30pm. Starts at MIDNIGHT. Lottery. 3 minutes.

SUN Sunday Bomb Open Mic Brunch 1069 Sanborn Ave. Sign up 12:45pm. Starts at 1:00. 4 minutes.


  • Long Beach

MON Rebel Bite 649 E. Broadway, Long Beach. Sign up 6:30pm Starts at 7. 6 minutes. Mixed mic.

TUES Bogart's Coffee House 905 Ocean Ave, Seal Beach. Sign up at 7pm. 7 minutes. Mixed mic.

WED DRNK Coffee+Tea 4245 Atlantic Blvd, Long Beach. Bixby Knolls Mixed mic. Sign up 6:30pm, starts at 7. 1 drink minimum. Limited spots. 10-15 mins. Clean sets.

WED Library Coffeehouse 3418 E Broadway. Sign up 7pm. 3-5 minutes.

WED Slip Bar and Eatery 120 N. International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach. Sign up 7:45pm. 3-5 minutes.

THURS Long Beach Tithing Closet 1028 E. Pacific Coast Highway. Sign up 7:30 pm starts at 8. Mixed mic. $1 entry. 5-10 minutes.

SAT Royal Cup Cafe 994 Redondo Ave, Long Beach. Sign up at 6pm. 6-7 minutes.

EVERY OTHER SAT Fox CoffeeHouse 437 West Willow St. Sign up at 7pm. Mixed mic. 5-10 minutes.

SUN Blacklight District Lounge 2500 East Anaheim St. Sign up 3pm. 10 minutes.


  • Pasadena and BEYOND

TUES Wang's Place 120 E Lemon Ave, Monrovia. Sign up 7:30pm, starts at 7:45.  1 item minimum.  5-10 minutes.

WED Glendora Continental  316 W Rt 66, Glendora. Sign up at 9pm. 1 item minimum. 5 minutes.

THURS The Ice House  24 N Mentor Ave. Sign up 5:30pm Lottery. 4 minutes.

3RD THURS of EVERY MONTH Mayan Bar 317 W Foothill Blvd, Monrovia. Sign up online here. 5 minutes.

THURS Holy Grounds Coffee and Tea 5371 Alhambra Ave. Sign up 5:30pm. 1 item minimum. 7 minutes.

THURS Chatterbox in Covina. 943 N Citrus Ave. Sign up at 8pm. 1 item minimum. 3-5 minutes.

THURS Dave's on Broadway (every other THURS, check FB page) 708 E. Broadway, Glendale. Sign up at 8:30pm. 5 minutes.

SUN Liquid Zoo 7214 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys. Sign up 8:30pm.@9.  1 drink minimum. 7 minutes.


  • Orange County and BEYOND

MON Anchor Bar 2675 Irvine Ave, Costa Mesa. (Sign up online during the week, email Evan@thecassman.com) 3 minutes.

TUES Beach Hut Deli 19025 Beach Blvd. Huntington Beach. Sign up 6:30pm. Mixed mic. Clean material only.  2 songs or 6-7 minutes.

TUES Harp Inn Irish Pub 130 E. 17th St, Costa Mesa. Sign up at 8pm starts after booked show. 5 minutes.

WED Doll Hut 107 S Adams St. Anaheim. (2nd Wed) Open mic following show around 9:00-9:30 pm.  5-10 minutes.

EVERY OTHER WED Angelo's Drive-In Burgers 511 S State College Blvd. (check Chris Cruz's FB page) Sign up 6:30pm Mixed Mic. Clean material only. 10 min.

WED The Irvine Improv (Umami Patio Stage in the Irvine Spectrum) Sign up 8:45pm 3 minutes.

THURS Ziing's Bar and Bistro 209 N. Harbor Blvd, Fullerton. Sign up at 6:45pm. Mixed mic. 10 minutes.

THURS Pierre Garden 145 N Maryland Ave, Glendale. Sign up 7pm Starts at 8. Mixed mic. 5 minutes.

THURS The Junction  1 N. Indian Hill Blvd. Sign up 7:30pm, starts at 8.  Mixed mic. 10 minutes. 1 free drink.

EVERY OTHER THURS Dave's on Broadway 708 E. Broadway, Glendale. Starts at 9pm. Mixed Mic. 5 minutes.

FRI Max Blooms Cafe 220 N Malden Ave, Fullerton.(3 weeks a month)  Sign up 6pm, 5 min sets.

SUN Karman Bar 26022 Cape Dr, Laguna Niguel. Contact James Gray (949) 201-7385 Runs from 7-10pm. I've done 15 minute sets here...twice in one night- get down there!

SUN Father's Pub 13912 Ponderosa St, Santa Ana. Sign up at 7pm. Starts at 8.  7 minutes.

SUN OC Steelhouse in Orange County. Sign up 8:30pm, starts after booked show (9:30-10ish) 4 minutes.


  • Riverside-San Bernardino

MON The Hideaway Cafe 3700 Main St, Riverside.  Recommended sign up 6:30-7pm Starts at 8.  5-7 minutes.

FRI (1st and 3rd) National Orange Show Sports Center 930 S Arrowhead Ave San Bernardino, GATE 10 Sign up 7:30pm, starts at 8. 10-15 minutes.


  • SAN DIEGO and Beyond


MON-SUN Madhouse Comedy Club 502 Horton Plaza, San Diego.

MON Bear Roots Brewing 1213 S Santa Fe Ave, Vista. Sign up at 7pm. 5 minutes or 7 w/drink.

TUES Legacy Brewing Company 363 Airport Rd, Oceanside. Sign up at 6pm. 7-10 minutes.

WED Mesheeka 2113 Logan Ave, San Diego. Sign up 7:30pm. 6-7 minutes.

WED Atomic Gaslamp 762 Fifth Ave, San Diego. Sign up 8:30pm.  6-10 minutes.

WED The Salty Frog 992 Palm Ave, Imperial Beach. Sign up 8:45pm. Mixed mic. 2 songs or 6-8 minutes.

THURS The Go Lounge 3339 El Cajon Blvd, Mesa. Sign up 8:30pm. 5 minutes.

SUN La Jolla Comedy Store 916 Pearl St, San Diego. Call-in sign up, starts at 7pm.  3 minutes.



San Francisco Bay Area Comedy Network- Matt Gubser's helpful guide to mics and shows.


  • Santa Monica-Venice

TUES Cafe Unurban 3301 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica. Sign up 8:30pm. Starts at 9. Lottery. 4 minutes.

TUES Westside Comedy Theater 1323 a 3rd St. Sign up at 9:30pm 3 minutes.

WED The Grandview Market 12210 Venice Blvd. Sign up 6:30pm 4 minutes.

THURS Cairo Cowboy 46 Winward Ave, Venice. Sign up 7pm. Lottery. $1 entry.  4-5 minutes.

FRI Timewarp Records 12204 Venice Blvd. Starts at 10:30pm. $5 entry. 4 minutes. 

SAT TRIP 2101 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica. Starts at 2pm. Mixed mic. 6-7 minutes.

SAT M.I.'s Westside Comedy Theater 1323 A 3rd St Promenade (in the alley between 3rd and 4th) Santa Monica Sign up at 5:45pm. Lottery/ Limited to 25 spots. 3 minutes.

SUN Venice Grind 12224 Venice Blvd. Sign up 5pm starts at 6.  3-5 minutes.



TUES Golden China Restaurant 760 S. Seaward Ave. Sign up 6pm. Mixed mic. 15 minutes!

TUES The Red Cove 1809 E. Main St. Sign up at 8:30pm. 7 minutes.

  • MISC

Himmel Haus 3819 Saddle Rd. South Lake Tahoe


OPEN MIC GRAVEYARD - Archived reviews of open mics that have sadly passed away.

OUT OF STATE OPEN MICS - I won't have time to keep track of these, but the reviews are here at least.




The Comedy Bureau - Updated daily.  Always start here.

OpenMikes.org - Great site for out of town mics and under-the-radar mics. You can search by zipcode.

Matt Cole OC Mics - Great resource for mics in Orange County and Beyond.

Badslava- Another good resource for out of town/random mics.

Ron Babcock's Do-it-yourself Standup Tour Guide

Reddit Stand Up Comedy- Lot of practical advice and comedy nerding out. Ask your stand up questions among your peers!

Other Cities and States:

Arizona Mics/Comedy Shows - awesome updated list with the names of the bookers to contact.

Chicago, IL

Colorado Mics/Comedy Shows


Atlanta, GA Comedy Open mics, clubs, and showcases.

Nevada (LAS VEGAS)

Seattle, WA


Great Podcasts For New Comedians:

You can subscribe to most of these on Itunes, but here are the links!

School of Laughs W/ Rik Roberts- Your free education right here. they cover everything.

ComingUpStanding- Jake Adams talks to younger comedians that are 3-4 years in, along with some veterans. Very inspiring to hear everyone's work ethic and early experiences.

Industry Standard w/ Barry Katz- wise and inspirational advice from all the hard-working people in the industry. Comics, musicians, agents, producers, self-made successes. Familiarize yourself with them and their work ethic. A must listen.

Comedians Telling Stuff Podcast- Fantastic stories from British comedians. Worst hecklers, worst shows, best advice and defining moments.

The Building Years Podcast- w/ Jeremiah Watkins and Justin Alexio. Two young dudes facing the weekly grind of doing standup and auditioning for roles while struggling to make the rent. Ride the highs and lows of several years worth of accomplishments and failures. They are busting their ass to make ends meet, so you should too! Great listen.

The Comedian's Comedian Podcast w/ Stuart Goldsmith- great analysis and conversation about the writing process and overall approach to stand up.

Sit Down With Stand Ups- Delightful interviews with great comedians. Ary's enthusiasm is contagious.



HERE ARE SOME OF THE LATEST MICS I'VE BEEN TO! (pictured below from Instagram feed)