The Wurst Audiobook Narrator Nominees #5

Incredible. After a month of this I thought I had hit a dead-end already, but lo and behold, I found another competitor, and this one is glorious.

I had a fantastic night of recording last night. Clipping my script above the microphone has taken so much weight off, I can finally perform and not worry about ruffling papers, or reading off my IPhone. A beginner's tip is to keep your head tilted up and I was looking down quite a bit through the first book. Mouth sounds are becoming less of an issue.  It's going to be an uneven chapter; the first half I sound strained and bored, when suddenly, I'm really performing- like the spinach just kicked in. (toot-toot!)

I've read a lot of complaints on audiobook forums where narrators are putting emphasis on the wrong words and taking unnecessary pauses. Another common complaint is a narrator sounding too robotic. With that said, you're going to love this week's performance. I can't believe this is real. I can't believe this is real. This reading would confuse William Shatner. It is very plausible that they hired a robot from the 50's to narrate this book.

I nominate Trevor Clinger for his performance of A Forbidden Lover: BWWM.  An interracial sex story that runs 22 minutes.  This sample runs a minute and a half.  Good luck.